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Classical Guitars

Classical Guitars

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  1. Maxtone CGC-315 Guitar | Feesheh
  2. Manuel Rodriguez Caballero 11 Cedar Top Classical Guitar
  3. Manuel Rodriguez Model 7 Caballero Classical Guitar
  4. Manuel Rodriguez Model 7 Senorita 3/4 Size Classical Guitar
  5. Admira Paloma Classical Guitar
  6. Yamaha C70 Classical Guitar
    • Best Seller

    Yamaha C40M Classical Guitar
  7. Maxtone CGC360N 3/4 Classical Guitar
  8. Yamaha CS40 Classical Guitar
  9. Yamaha CG182SF Guitar Flamenco sound and style
  10. Yamaha CGS-102A 1/2-Size Classical Guitar
  11. Yamaha CGS103A 3/4-Size Classical Guitar
  12. Cordoba C7 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
  13. Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar
  14. Yamaha CX40 Full Size Electro Nylon Classical Guitar
  15. Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar
  16. Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar - Black
  17. Yamaha C80 Classical Guitar
  18. Manuel Rodriguez C3 Flamenco Classical Guitar
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    Manuel Rodriguez Model 9 Caballero Classical Guitar
    • Out of stock

    Fender ESC105 Full Size Classical Guitar
    • Out of stock

    Admira Sara Electro Cutaway Classical Guitar
    • Out of stock

    Fender CN-320AS Classical Acoustic Guitar Natural
    • Out of stock

    Fender ESC80 3/4 Classical Acoustic Guitar Natural

24 Item(s)

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The Classical Guitar (or Spanish Guitar) is the member of the Guitar family used in Classical Music. It is an acoustical wooden Guitar with six Classical Guitar Strings as opposed to the metal strings used in Acoustic and Electric Guitars designed for popular music. The Classical Guitar with its nylon Strings and charming and relaxing sound will touch your soul. You can choose the best Classical Guitar that suits you at Feesheh. You can choose from the best brands like: TakamineCordobaAdmira. All items are delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Jordan.
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  5. JD400.00 - JD499.99 (1)
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  7. JD700.00 and above (2)
Performance Level
  1. Beginner (6)
  2. Intermediate (3)
Type of Strings
  1. Nylon String (7)
  1. Right Handed (7)
Number of Strings
  1. 6 String (7)
Body Material
  1. Solid Wood (7)
Body Shape
  1. Non-Cutaway (5)
  2. Single Cutaway (2)
Body Type
  1. Solid Body (7)
Bridge Type
  1. Fixed Bridge (6)
  2. Other (1)
  1. No (5)
  2. Yes (2)
  1. Ebony (1)
  2. Rosewood (6)
Case or Gig Bag
  1. No (6)
Classical Guitar
  1. Yes (12)
Acoustic Guitar
  1. Yes (2)
Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  1. Yes (1)
  1. Natural (6)
  1. Admira (2)
  2. Cordoba (2)
  3. Fender (3)
  4. Manuel Rodriguez (5)
  5. Maxtone (2)
  6. Yamaha (10)
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