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Recording Gear

Recording Gear

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  1. Shure SM57 Instrument/Vocal Microphone
  2. Yamaha AG06
  3. Lexicon OMEGA 8x4x2 Desktop Recording Studio PC/Mac USB Recording Interface
  4. M-Audio M-Track 2X2M USB Interface with MIDI I/O
  5. M-Audio M-Track 2X2 USB Audio Interface
  6. M-Audio MTRACK II - Portable USB Audio Interface
  7. Lexicon Lambda USB Desktop Studio | Feesheh
  8. Line 6 Sonic Port iOS Interface - 99-072-0605
  9. Line 6 POD HD500 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor | Feesheh
  10. Behringer U-CONTROL UMA25S USB MIDI Controller
  11. Shure X2u XLR-to-USB Microphone Adapter
  12. M-Audio M-Track Quad
  13. Shure PG27-USB Multi-Purpose Microphone
  14. Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone

14 Item(s)

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Recording is one of the most important steps in the modern music industry. In order to have high quality records, you will need to have a good recording gears. You will find the best quality equipment here on Feesheh. Choosing from a wide variety of the world best brands, like: IK MultimediaM-Audio, and Shure. All the items on Feesheh are delivered to your doorstep.

Feesheh is your one-stop shop. Feel free to contact us on

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  1. Line 6 (2)
  2. M-Audio (4)
  3. Shure (3)
  4. Shure (1)
  5. Yamaha (1)
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