Alesis Microverb 4 Preset/programmable 18-Bit Signal Processor (200 Programs)

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Alesis Microverb 4 Signal Processor

The MicroVerb 4 is designed to provide a wide variety of great-sounding, easy-to-use effects for small studios, engineers and performing musicians. The key to MicroVerb 4's power is in its simplicity. It offers 200 programs that include everything from high-quality reverb, delay, chorus and flange to exciting multieffects and more. To customize your programs, two front panel knobs allow for quick, easy, user-storable edits, or use its MIDI inputs for control over program changes and modulation. You can then save your edited programs in the 100-space user program bank. Even though it's affordable and easy to use, the MicroVerb 4 offers the superb audio quality that you should expect from every Alesis processor.

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