Hercules DJ Control Jogvision

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Hercules DJ Control Jogvision

Hercules has put all of its experience, innovation and passion into the DJControl Jogvision, which perfectly combines performance and ease of use. Whether you€™re just getting started DJing or you€™ve already refined your skills, you can let your creativity run wild. Enjoy excellent precision and comfort to create your mixes using the circular displays on the jog wheels to guide your movements and perfect your scratches, and have fun with the amazing contactless AIR Control sensor. The included Serato DJ Lite software gives you instinctive control, along with tons of other features that you€™ll love. Your adventure starts right here and now. It€™s your turn!


Mic: 1/4€� (6.35 mm) jack microphone input

Aux: 1/8€� (3.5 mm) stereo line input

Integrated built-in audio interface

Resolution 16 to 24-bit, from 44.1 to 96 kHz

Audio standards:

- ASIO + WDM in Windows®

- Core Audio in Mac OS®

Master 1-2: 2 RCA + 1/8€� (3.5 mm) stereo mini-jack

Booth 1-2: 2 RCA

Headphones: 1/4€� (6.35 mm) stereo jack + 1/8€� (3.5 mm) stereo mini-jack

Controls Per Deck

AIR Control: a proximity sensor lets you control the mix without any contact

- AIR Control turns the distance between your hand and the sensor into a modulation of the low-pass filter

- You control the low-pass filter without any contact, and your movements create incredible sound effects like Filter Push, Filter Cut and Filter Roll

- The sensor€™s 12€� / 30 cm range gives your hand movements an almost magical quality for your audience

2 decks

1 central mixer

2 jog wheels:

- 5.9€� / 15 cm in diameter, rivaling those found on DJ CD players

- During playback: 2 rings = 2 pieces of information

- The rotation speed of the blue ring shows the playback speed

- The position of the white ring shows the position reached in the track

- When scratching: the display shows an angular marker

- Jog wheels feature instant touch detection to SCRATCH with precision and without any latency

- A refined style: each jog wheel features an aluminum platter, and a built-in display screen

4 modes (Loop/Fx/Sample/Hot Cue) per deck

4 pads (drum pads) per deck:

- Multicolored lighting (red, green and blue)

- The pads€™ lighting features a different color in Sample mode and Cue Point mode

- RGB Cue Color Match: in Cue Point mode, each pad lights up in the default color of the cue point that it controls in Serato DJ Lite for perfect integration of the hardware with the software, and instinctive control

Controls On Mixer

3-band equalization with potentiometers (bass, mids, treble)

1 volume fader per deck

1 crossfader


MIDI (extended MIDI on the faders and potentiometers)


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