IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn + iKlip Xpand Bundle

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Bluetooth LE Page Turner with 2 Switches and 33' Range, Plus Spring-loaded Universal Tablet Stand Mount 

Bluetooth Page Turner + iPad/Tablet Stand Mount

Here's good news for tablet-savvy performers: IK Multimedia's iRig BlueTurn page turner is now available bundled with the iKlip Xpand mic stand holder. The iRig BlueTurn Bluetooth footswitch lets pianists flip pages at just the right moment without taking hands off their keybed and lets chart readers view any song in their set list discreetly without drawing attention onstage. The iKlip Xpand mounts to just about any music stand, mic stand, or cymbal stand to provide the perfect viewing angle without obscuring the performer's face. Save money with this convenient bundle and start taking full advantage of your iPad or tablet for music creation.


IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn + iKlip Xpand Bundle at a Glance:

  • iRig BlueTurn is a simple, affordable Bluetooth page turner
  • iKlip Xpand is a universal stand mount for your iPad or tablet


iRig BlueTurn is a simple, affordable Bluetooth page turner

Mobile devices are only as useful onstage as the gear that lets you access them, which makes IK Multimedia's iRig BlueTurn an essential tool for taking your digital lyric sheets, chord charts, or scores onstage. The iRig BlueTurn is a remarkably simple Bluetooth LE controller with two backlit soft footswitches you can set up to send Page Up/Page Down, Arrow Up/Arrow Down, or Arrow Left/Arrow Right keyboard messages to your computer or mobile device.


iKlip Xpand is a universal stand mount for your iPad or tablet

Take the guesswork out of stand mounting your tablet with the IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand. This spring-loaded clamp comfortably expands to fit virtually any mobile tablet, including iPad, iPad mini, and various Android platform models. Better yet, you don't even have to take off your tablet's protective case. You can attach your iKlip Xpand to just about any microphone stand, boom arm, or similar kind of stand you'll find. And thanks to its locking ball joint, you can comfortably tilt, angle, and orient your tablet however you like.


IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn + iKlip Xpand Bundle Features:

  • Discreet, remote access to any song in your set or page in your sheet music
  • Includes the iRig BlueTurn page turner and iKlip Xpand iPad/Tablet stand mount
  • iRig BlueTurn features:
    • Simple device lets you turn pages in select apps up to 33' away
    • 2 backlit footswitches let you send HID messages over Bluetooth
    • Choose from Arrow up/down, Page up/down, or Arrow left/right
    • Lightweight, compact, and sturdy design
    • Runs for many hours on 2 AAA batteries
    • Compatible with iOS/Android devices and Mac computers that support Bluetooth 4.0/BLE
  • iKlip Xpand features:
    • A universal tablet mount for the studio or stage
    • Spring-loaded clamp expands to hold iPad, iPad mini, and most Android platform models
    • Deep clamp arms accommodate most protective cases for added convenience
    • Screw-tightened clamp affixes to most stands and boom arms
    • Locking ball joint lets you angle and orient your tablet however you like


Tech Specs

  • Type:Bluetooth Page Turner
  • Compatibility:iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Android
  • Computer Connectivity:Bluetooth LE
  • Power Source:2 x AAA batteries
  • Dimensions:7.72" x 3.66" x

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