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With a total of 32 inputs, advanced processing and routing capabilities, and a large 10" multi-touch screen, the QSC TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer delivers powerful mixing capabilities in an amazingly efficient design. Like its predecessors, the TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16, the TouchMix-30 Pro is based on an intuitive workflow and straightforward navigation. It's easy for novices to learn and operate and offers the advanced capabilities professional mix engineers want. Factor in 24 Class A mic preamps, six stereo effects processors plus pitch correction, dedicated processing for each output, and wireless control via iOS and Android, and it's clear the TouchMix-30 Pro is well equipped for demanding mixing tasks.

What Makes the TouchMix-30 "Pro"?

Larger screen for better hands-on operation

With a large 10" multi-touch screen, the TouchMix-30 Pro provides ample room for hands-on control. It also offers better visual feedback and more on-screen information. You'll spend more time mixing and less time navigating the interface.

Anti-feedback and room tuning on demand

The TouchMix-30 Pro features advanced wizards to help you quickly set up anti-feedback protection as well as tune the room. You could achieve similar results by manually tuning the graphic EQs and other processors built into the TouchMix-30 Pro, but why spend time on that when you've got a show to prepare for? These setup wizards will help you achieve optimal sound in any environment faster than ever.

Real-time audio analysis

Two Real Time Analyzers are available on the TouchMix-30 Pro, and you can display them either on the main display or on a supported tablet. One RTA can be displayed along with the EQ of any selected input or output channel. The other RTA can display the audio signal of any output, the Cue bus, or the Talkback mic input. When it comes to diagnosing sonic problems in the middle of a show, these analysis tools can be a huge help.

Advanced recording capabilities

To help make your live sound rig as sleek and efficient as possible, the TouchMix-30 Pro allows you to record the show without requiring a computer. Just connect an appropriate hard drive via USB for 32 channels of multitrack recording and playback, direct to disk with no DAW software required. If a Mac laptop with DAW software is your preferred recording method, the TouchMix-30 Pro can also serve as a 32-channel audio interface for your DAW of choice.

Comprehensive Mixing and Routing Capabilities

Subgroups simplify large mixing tasks

The TouchMix-30 Pro supports eight subgroups, which can greatly simplify mixing 32 channels of audio. And each subgroup offers 6-band fully parametric EQ, variable highpass and lowpass filters, and a limiter for dynamics control. You'll also be able to set up eight DCA groups and eight Mute groups.

Re-route inputs to channels fast

The touch-and-route Patch Matrix on the TouchMix-30 Pro makes input rerouting a snap. You'll be able to route inputs to channels, "mult" input channels to output channels, and rearrange inputs fast and efficiently.

Channel presets provide mix-ready settings

There are over 120 presets for live instruments, microphones, and other audio sources in the TouchMix-30 Pro. These presets are perfect for helping novices achieve better-sounding mixes and are a great way for pros to save time during show setup. Once you've selected a preset, you'll be able to tweak any of the pre-set processors to fine-tune your mix.

Plenty of outputs for monitor mixes

In addition to the main mix outputs, the TouchMix-30 Pro packs 14 mono outputs that can also be linked for stereo operation. And in addition to these mix outputs, there are two more stereo outputs that can drive wired in-ear monitors directly — no separate headphone management system required.

Wi-Fi for Wireless Mixing

Mix while walking the room

With your tablet or smartphone, you can adjust virtually every parameter on the TouchMix-30 Pro mixer from anywhere in the venue. The free TouchMix Control App for iOS and Android controls all mixer parameters, making it easy to walk the room or tweak monitor mixes from the stage.

Performers can control their own monitor mix

Using the TouchMix Control App, musicians can mix their own monitor mixes with their tablet or smartphone. In this application, the app controls will be limited to mix levels only, eliminating the possibility of other mixer settings being changed without your knowledge.

Simplify tablet mixing by limiting controls

One of the most powerful aspects of wireless mixing with the TouchMix-30 Pro is that you could have multiple mix engineers running different mixes from various positions. The FOH can manage the main mix from anywhere in the room, while musicians or other engineers build monitor mixes at different stations. Of course, you'll want to make sure that no one is working at cross-purposes. The TouchMix Control App allows you to limit the controls available on any specific device. That means you can hand a tablet to an assistant and have them tweak EQ settings on the monitors, for example, without worrying that they will inadvertently make unwanted changes to your mix.

Live Multitrack Recording Made Simple

Record 32 channels direct to disk

You don't need a separate computer running DAW software to capture a multitrack recording of your show. Connect an appropriate external hard drive via USB to the TouchMix-30 Pro, and you're ready to record all 32 inputs direct to disk. You can play back audio tracks from the external hard drive too.

32-channel USB audio interface

If you prefer to track directly into your DAW with your Mac computer, the TouchMix-30 Pro still has you covered. Connect your Mac via USB to record directly into Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One, or any other DAW software.

Complete your mix with TouchMix-30 Pro

The TouchMix-30 Pro makes multitrack recording so easy, why not finish your mix right from the TouchMix too? You can play back the multitrack recording from your external hard drive; apply EQ, compression, effects, and other processing; and record the main stereo mix back to the hard drive.

Version 2.0 Firmware Delivers Next-level Functionality

QSC is committed to keeping the TouchMix at the forefront of mixing technology. The latest version of TouchMix firmware, version 2.0, adds a ton of useful features and enhancements:

  • Support for external control by third-party, motorized-fader control surfaces directly connected to the mixer via MIDI-over-USB.
  • Support for external control by third-party, motorized-fader control surfaces directly connected to an iOS tablet via MIDI-over-USB.
  • Adds a new External Faders mode (Menu > External Faders) that displays a channel strip view on screen when used with an external control surface.
  • Adds 3 Custom Fader Banks (Menu > Custom Banks) that can be configured to include any combination of input, output, FX return, sub-group, and DCA group faders.
  • Improved Solo In Place (SIP) operation. FX returns are no longer affected by SIP.
  • Additional input channel presets for percussion (Cajon, djembe, timbale, percussion toys), electronic drum kit, harmonica, flute, cello, accordion, and various Banda instruments.
  • Made adjustments to vocal and bass presets.
  • CP Series Compact Powered Loudspeakers Presets available directly in the mixer as well as CP8 and CP12 loudspeakers’ input gain setting recommendations.

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