Seydel Blues 1847 Lightning C Key Harmonica

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Seydel Harmonica Blues Lightning 1847 C 16601C

The 1847 LIGHTNING is made without compromise: the best components available and SEYDEL’s masterly craftsmanship were used to build this harmonica lover’s dream.

What makes the 1847 LIGHTNING so special?

For the first time we created polished stainless steel reeds for the best responsiveness, a beautifully ballanced fat tone and a very long lifetime. The 1847 LIGHTNING is available in the seven most commonly used keys: G, A, Bb, C, D, E, and F. It comes as well in a >set of seven instruments. >Here you wll find a collection of videos of the 1847 LIGHTNING played by our endorsing artists.

The 1847 LIGHTNING comes with a polished solid comb made of stainless steel that gives the instrument not only extra weight (155 g / 5,5 Oz) but as well adds a very resonant component to the sound.

The shiny stainless steel coverplates with the special 1847 3D-imprint and side vents are completely rounded at the front and opened wide at the back for the best sound projection towards the audience.

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